Current Affairs Quiz: 14th – 15th February, 2020

Current Affairs questions and answers are asked in most of the Competitive exams. Sarkari Naukri Aapki provides you Daily Quiz for Current Affairs that helps you secure good marks in your exams. Below are number of questions, you should give a try!!

Questions: 14th – 15th February, 2020 – Current Affairs of 2020

  1. On which day of February ‘World Pangolin Day‘ is celebrated, every year?
    1) Third Friday
    2) Third Wednesday
    3) Third Saturday
    4) Third Monday
    5) None of these

    Answer-3) Third Saturday
  2. Name of the Former Teri (The Energy & Resources Institute) chief who passed away recently on 13 Feb 2020, due to heart illness?
    1) RK Pachauri
    2) RK Sinha
    3) Hari Prakash Shukla
    4) Vinod Kumar Shukla
    5) None of these

    Answer-1) RK Pachauri
  3. The First Inter-City Electric Bus was launched on 14 February,2020. In which two cities the Bus transit?
    1) Delhi And Haryana
    2) Mumbai And Pune
    3) Delhi And Punjab
    4) Jaipur And Ajmer
    5) None of these

    Answer-2) Mumbai And Pune
  4. Who won the FIH (International Hockey Federation) Men’s Player of the Year Award recently?
    1) Manjeet Singh
    2) Manpreet Singh
    3) Sardar Singh
    4) Udham Singh
    5) None of these

    Answer-2) Manpreet Singh
  5. On which Date First Anniversary of Pulwama Attack is observed recently?
    1) 13th February
    2) 14th February
    3) 15th February
    4) 12th February
    5) None of these

    Answer-2) 14th February
  6. Who is appointed as the New Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of Air India Recently?
    1) Pradeep Singh Kharola
    2) Rajiv Bansal
    3) Ashwani Lohani
    4) Piyush Goyal
    5) None of these

    Answer-2) Rajiv Bansal
  7. How many agreements were signed between India And Portugal recently on Portugal President (Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa), 4 day visit to India?
    1) 4 Agreements
    2) 5 Agreements
    3) 7 Agreements
    4) 16 Agreements
    5) None of these

    Answer-3) 7 Agreements
  8. Hottest Temperature of Antartica ever, recorded recently on 14th February, 2020 ?
    1) 19.75 Degree Celsius
    2) 18.05 Degree Celsius
    3) 18.75 Degree Celsius
    4) 20.75 Degree Celsius
    5) None of these

    Answer-4) 20.75 Degree Celsius
  9. Name of the concept launched by MSME (Micro, Small And Medium Enterprises) recently to help bee keeping?
    1) Apiary on Earth
    2) Apiary on Wheels
    3) Apiary on Tree
    4) Apiary in Box
    5) None of these

    Answer-2) Apiary on Wheels
  10. Who inaugurated the Cha-Chai art-work of Joana Vasconcelos at National Museum with Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa (Portguese President) recently?
    1) Narendra Modi
    2) Rajnath Singh
    3) Ram Nath Kovind
    4) Prahlad Singh Patel
    5) None of these

    Answer- 4) Prahlad Singh Patel

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