Current Affairs Quiz: 16th – 18th February, 2020

Current Affairs questions and answers are asked in most of the Competitive exams. Sarkari Naukri Aapki provides you Daily Quiz for Current Affairs that helps you secure good marks in your exams. Below are number of questions, you should give a try!!

Questions: 16th – 18th February – Current Affairs of 2020

    1. What is the motto of the Tokyo Olympics 2020?
      1) A New World
      2) United By Emotion
      3) A New Earth
      4) United By Emoticon
      5) None of these

      Answer-2) United By Emotion
    2. Bio-Asia Summit 2020, started on 17th February 2020 for three days, held in which Indian City?
      1) Delhi
      2) Meerut
      3) Rohtak
      4) Hyderabad
      5) None of these

      Answer-4) Hyderabad
    3. RBI is going to launch new One Rupee Note, Whose signature these Notes will have according to RBI?
      1) RBI Governor
      2) Finance Secretary
      3) Finance Minister
      4) President of India
      5) None of these

      Answer-2) Finance Secretary
    4. Who set a 5km road world record in Monaco recently in Uganda’s world 10,000m championship?
      1) Nick Goolab
      2) Jimmy Gressier
      3) Joshua Cheptegei
      4) Rhonex Kipruto
      5) None of these

      Answer-3) Joshua Cheptegei
    5. On which Date NESFB (North East Small Finance Bank), the first small bank of North India started its services?
      1) 16th February
      2) 17th February
      3) 15th February
      4) 18th February
      5) None of these

      Answer-1) 16th February
    6. Who inaugurated the 4th National Conference on PMFBY(Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana)?
      1) Smriti Irani
      2) Narendra Modi
      3) Sanjay Aggarwal
      4) Piyush Goyal
      5) None of these

      Answer-3) Sanjay Agarwal
    7. On which date Raising Day is celebrated by the Police, recently in news ?
      1) 16th February
      2) 17th February
      3) 15th February
      4) 18th February
      5) None of these

      Answer-2) 17 February
    8. According to 22nd edition of Ethnologue, Which language is the third most spoken language in the world?
      1) English
      2) French
      3) Hindi
      4) Gujrati
      5) None of these

      Answer-3) Hindi
    9. World Bank and GOI recently signed a loan agreement to support Ground Water Level Strengthening Institutions under a Programme called?
      1) Atal Jal Yojana
      2) Ground Water Yojana
      3) Rajiv Gandhi Bhujal Yojana
      4) Atal Bhujal Yojana
      5) None of these

      Answer-4) Atal Bhujal Yojana
    10. Which government announced recently to provide Rs 15 Lakh to Olympic Participants and Rs 6 Crore to Winners?
      1) State Govt. of Delhi
      2) State Govt. of UP
      3) Central Govt. of Delhi
      4) State Govt. of Haryana
      5) None of these

      Answer- 4) State Govt. of Haryana
    11. RBI recently decided to sync the Financial Year of the bank with the Fiscal Year. Current Fiscal Year of RBI is beetwen?
      1) January – February
      2) April – March
      3) July – June
      4) December – January
      5) None of these

      Answer- 2) April – March
    12. Who inaugurated Indian Pavillion at GulFood 2020 recently held in Dubai?
      1) Harsimrat Kaur Badal
      2) Harpreet Singh Badal
      3) Mandeep Singh Badal
      4) Navdeep Singh Badal
      5) None of these

      Answer- 1) Harsimrat Kaur Badal

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