Current Affairs Quiz February 23-25, 2020

Current Affairs questions and answers are asked in most of the Competitive exams. Sarkari Naukri Aapki provides you Daily Quiz for Current Affairs that helps you secure good marks in your exams. Below are number of questions, you should give a try!!

Current Affairs Questions & Answers: February 23-25, 2020

  1. GSI (Geological Survey of India) recently discovered gold deposits of around 3000 tonnes in which state of India ? ?
    1) Rajasthan (Bikaner district)
    2) Gujrat (Bhavnagar district)
    3) Uttar Pradesh (Sonbhadra district)
    4) Haryana (Rohtak District)
    5) None of these

    Answer-3) Uttar Pradesh (Sonbhadra district)
  2. Who has launched the PM (Pradhan Mantri) – KISAN mobile application on 24 February, 2020?
    1) Narendra Modi
    2) Yogi Adityanath
    3) Smriti Irani
    4) Narendra Singh Tomar
    5) None of these

    Answer-4) Narendra Singh Tomar – Agriculture Minister of India
  3. Who won the silver medal at ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) World Tour Hungarian Open in Men’s Double Category?
    1) Ho Kwan Kit and Wong Chun Ting
    2) Achanta Sharath Kamal And Gnanasekaran Sathiyan
    3) Tomokazu Harimoto and Ho Kwan Kit
    4) Benedikt Duda, Patrick Franziska
    5) None of these

    Answer-2) Achanta Sharath Kamal And Gnanasekaran Sathiyan on 25 February 2020 won the silver medal in Men’s Double category.
  4. Name of Ex-Egyptian President who dies recently in February at the age of 91 years?
    1) Mohamed Morsi
    2) Hosni Mubarak
    3) Abdel Fattah el-Sisi
    4) Anwar Sadat
    5) None of these

    Answer-2) Hosni Mubarak – He spent 3 decades of his life as president.
  5. On which date, Central Excise Day is celebrated every year?
    1) 20th February
    2) 24th February
    3) 25th February
    4) 26th February
    5) None of these

    Answer-2) 24th February
  6. Who wins the 2020 SERB (Science And Engineering Research Board) Women Excellence Award recently on 24th February,2020?
    1) Dr Niti Kumar
    2) Dr Sakshi Thakur
    3) Dr Vijay Kumar Das
    4) Dr Sakshi Kumar Singh
    5) None of these

    Answer-1) Dr Niti Kumar – Senior Scientist from Molecular Parasitology and Immunology Division. This award is given to women scientists below age of 40 years.
  7. Where International Judicial Conference was held in India addressed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to bring Gender Equality in recruiting women for doing military services in India ?
    1) New Delhi
    2) Ahmedabad
    3) Jaipur
    4) Bangalore
    5) None of these

    Answer-1) New Delhi
  8. According to recent UN (United Nations) report, Whats the rank of India on the Sustainability Index?
    1) 75th
    2) 77th
    3) 127th
    4) 131st
    5) None of these

    Answer-2) 77th Position out of 180 countries
  9. What is the name of the new Fiscal Policy adopted by GOI (Government of India) recently to reduce the Economic slow down in India?
    1) Counter Circle Fiscal Policy
    2) Counter Cyclical Fiscal Policy
    3) Counter Strike Fiscal Policy
    4) Expansionary Fiscal Policy
    5) None of these

    Answer-2) Counter Cyclical Fiscal Policy– adopted by GOI to encounter recession in India
  10. Who won the 2020 LIVA Miss Diva Universe Award recently in Mumbai?
    1) Vartika Singh
    2) Anntonia Porsild
    3) Adline Castelino
    4) Aavriti Chaudhary
    5) None of these

    Answer- 3) Adline Castelino -lives in Mangalore, Karnataka
  11. Who won the Best Actor Award in Dadasaheb Phalke Film Festival Awards 2020?
    1) Salman Khan
    2) Akshay Kumar
    3) Aamir Khan
    4) Hrithik Roshan
    5) None of these

    Answer- 4) Hrithik Roshan – for his film ‘Super-30’ in which he played the role of Maths Teacher
  12. Who presented the Vishwakarma Awards of the year 2019 recently on Februry 24, 2020?
    1) Narendra Modi
    2) Narendra Singh Tomar
    3) Ramesh Pokhriyal
    4) Smriti Irani
    5) None of these

    Answer- 3) Ramesh Pokhriyal – Minister of Human Resource Development

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